Hang Outs: Stefanie Modares

"I think the hardest questions for me to answer are those about my style and my career because they are my biggest passions but at the same time they are the two things I still can't quite put my finger on."  - Stefanie Modares

We hung out with our good friend Stefanie Modares this week and we were reminded of why we started this blog.  She has turned a whole room in her Bushwick loft into a huge walk-in closet.  Stepping into her closet you first notice the natural illumination streaming down from the skylight.  Then you see all the coats, dresses, overalls, pants etc.  You can get lost in her collection.  Stefanie loves the craftsmanship of each piece.  And we loved the ensembles we got to create.  In a city where space is so rare, it's refreshing to see someone with enough space to actually house a collection.  Stefanie has been building her collection ever since we've know her.   She's been a close friend for many year and shares our passion for style and the fashion industry.  Recently, Stefanie partnered with half of Some Girls, Mary, to form Avoir du Chien Casting; a model and casting agency that focuses on finding and representing models with a unique look and working with up and coming brands.

Check her out: Avoir du Chien Agency 


Soft & Warm
sugar coat

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