Hang Outs: Emma Grey

"I am soft spoken in person, but my  art is a lot louder than I am as a person." - Emma Grey 

Emma Grey's closets are a brimful of beautiful vintage treasures she has been collecting for years.  She turned her love for collecting vintage wear into an Etsy store, Singularitie.  When it comes to finding her vintage goods, she looks to specific designs in nature and oriental patterns that catch her eye.  She is currently studying Graphic Design at Parsons.  She started school as a med student, but found that she enjoyed the artistic proportions of human anatomy more than anything.  Eventually leading to the path of graphic design. We got a chance to look at her work which reflects her obsessions of porportion, anatomy, and the golden ratio.  Come summer, she will be studying in Paris; oh la la! 

Check her out: Esty and Photography


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