Hang Outs: Boot Boot

"When you wear something handmade it makes you feel so different.  It is like artwork.  You have to be delicate and take good care of it." -Boot

Boot Boot, a-Jill-of-All-Trades; is an artist, clothing designer and furniture maker, a translator for Vice, e-commerce employee at Rachel Comey, and waitress at Carroll Garden's Battersby.  Originally born in Thailand, she studied furniture design at Indiana, Bloomington.  She has a knack for making hand-sewn clothing, a trade she picked up from her mother.  As a child her Thailand home had floor to ceiling windows.  Her mother purchased Thai silk to make curtains.  Soon her mother learned to sew, which Boot learned by example.  They went from making curtains to making simple silhouette dresses.  Boot likes to design dresses with simple, interesting shapes.  Boot differs from her mother in technique; her mother strives for perfection.  Boot, on the other hand, adds quirky details to her designs.  She enjoys the varying imperfections that make her dresses special and unique because they are individually hand made, not massed produced.  They remind her of her scars; beautiful and unique marks that tell a story.  Currently, she is selling her dresses by word of mouth.  She is launching her a website soon which will feature one-of-a-kind pieces that are hand sewn.

Check her out at:  bootbootboot

(Boot's clothing line is pictured in the second, fifth, seventh, ninth and twelfth photo. Her furniture design is pictured in the third photo. Coin prints in third, fourth and seventh photo are Ralf Graebner's. Check his work out at www.ralfgraebner.com.)


*All photos in this post are taken by Some Girls. Please credit the source when reposting.