Hang Outs: Inny

"Being human, and expecting others to be nothing less then human is the most important thing; even if you're the alien in the room." - Inny

Some Girls hung out with Inny, a freelance writer and got the details on her latest project; an online magazine.  Her idea for the magazine is to create a platform for creative, influential, and current thought.  She writes for Seen Heard KnownMetal MagazineBeautiful SavageC-Heads and many more. Much of her writing is personal.  She writes about bad relationships and the way they haunt you even when they are over.  She is fascinated with the reality of someone being in your life one day and gone the next.  She finds fiction to be the most honest form of writing.  She hopes to reach young women by creating a voice that sheds light on our shared experiences. 

Check her writings out: Alice isn't NormalThey're all Pissed: I'm a Therapist to all my Friends


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