Hang Outs: Julie Mollo


We visited the home studio of Julie Mollo last week.  Melding the old with the new, she creates a world of rock 'n' roll style all around her.  Julie designs clothing, some home ware and is a stylist.  All of her creations are handmade with a special injection of quirky. This quirkness carries over to every part of Julie's lifestyle.  It is clear to see Julie's passions through her handmade outfits and one-of-a-kind home.  Julie got her start as a young fashion student when she contacted a then new artist Katy Perry back in the MySpace days.  She dug Katy's style and it turns out Katy dug Julie's too!  She designed custom costumes for Katy Perry which can be seen in the photos above.  Now Julie has launched a new line, Retroversible.  If you're in the New York area, check out the boutiques that carry Julie Mollo!


Check out her out: www.juliemollo.com and instagram

Check her out in store at Slapbacks and Enz's.