At Summer's Full Guide to LA

Some Girls teamed up with Risu of At Summer's Full to bring you the best of this summer in LA and NYC. Over the next week or so, Risu will be a guest contributor to Some Girls and vice-versa! Make sure to check out our favorite New York spots and events on At Summer's Full.

Here's what she had to say:

There's no greater privilege of living in the city than getting to shop your wallet's heart out into the night. With endless complimentary drinks from the Rum & Beer Garden and coffee via Blue Bottle, caffeine and alcohol serve as the perfect provocateur to completely disregard tomorrow's bills for the night's discounted goodies by Stüssy, Love Nail Tree, Louro + more. Also, God bless free valet because finding parking in Los Angeles is like finding a needle in a haystack.


My good friend - and photographer - Kevin suggested family-owned and operated Pizzanista for a late night food run and I fell head over heels. It's "thin-crust style of New York pizza with California's abundance of fresh produce," which only makes perfect sense with this collaboration with Some Girls. Located on 7th in the Arts District, the ambiance just set the right nightcap from an evening out in downtown. 


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