Hang Outs: Aza Ziegler


Aza's Calle del Mar collection is what every girl dreams of but only a true visionaire can create. Recent Pratt graduate and California native caught our eye via instagram (@azaziegler). Her collection combines the best assets of california loving and sporty vibes that make truly original pieces. Each detail of the collection was thought out throughout her last two years at Pratt, which was then unveiled at the Pratt Fashion show. Aza took us through each item and showed us the up close details given to each piece. Sequins and confetti were frequent materials used throughout the collection in new and exciting ways. Confetti was pocketed in between seams to create sound and texture. And we can't forget the tube socks embellished with sequins. All in all,  we want to wear every piece of Calle del Mar and whatever Aza creates next. She is definitely one to watch!



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