At Summer Full Guide to LA II

Here is the second installment of At Summer's Full guide to LA:

G&B Coffee, located at the Hill Street end of Grand Central Market, is great for a quick fix of coffee or breakfast snacks without the hassle of having to wait in line with people yelling over you or the smell of coffee sticking to your clothes for the rest of the day. I came here purposely for the blood orange donuts but to no avail (they've stopped serving them and was told that they're now only available wholesale/by the dozen which, as addicting as it is, is an idea that's hard to resist.) The barista certainly felt for me and offered me a free glass of sparkling tea which almost makes up for it but definitely earned them more brownie points. 

For a place located behind industrial buildings, Zinc Cafe & Market has the most open, inviting, warm and homey interior- the owner is an interior and landscape architect- that it's almost too self-aware. The open kitchen is the first to greet you once you walk in and the whole space is divided between the patio up-front, the cocktail bar, indoor seating and the garden area. Breakfast and lunch are self-service while dinner- starting at 5:30 pm- is full service, making it an easy habit to come back and have a different experience. The right half of Zinc is a tiny market of vintage decor, wooden kitchen paraphernalia, spices and packaged ready-to-eat lunches, adding even more personality to the place and great for browsing while waiting for your food. This branch is fairly new but the friendly service and the traffic of people coming in is promising. Another great addition to the neighborhood. 

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