Hang Outs: Scapes

We hung out with Andie Enomoto and Taylor Kaclik and they showed us there new collection; SCAPES: A Collaboration Between Land and Sea. Students at Parson's New School of Design, they created this collection as their Senior Thesis.

The SCAPES collections of 10 looks consists of about 25 items hand crafted from a variety of different materials and techniques.  The collection was inspired by trips back to Andie's origins in Hawaii and Taylor's in Pittsburgh. Not only was the collection inspired by the landscapes they grew up in, represented in the logo which they laser cut and implemented throughout the design process, but it was also heavily influenced by their fathers.

Andie and Taylor, both avid fans of sportswear brands, incorporated the sports their fathers loved into the collection.  Andie's father's sport of surfing and love of the water can be seen in the Neoprene jacket, touches like nautical hooks, and the long pull tabs of surf wear.  While Talyor's father's love of hunting and the outdoors is exhibited in the faux camouflage patterns the girls created.

They sourced Alpaca wool from an Alpaca farm close to where Taylor grew up. They hand dyed and spun the wool to create amazing outerwear.

The collection is beyond a beautiful sight to see and we were honored to see and feel the pieces they created. Check out their website and instagrams!