What I Want, What I Need

This is what I need to survive these next six months. Just kidding, I don't need it but it will make it a hell of a lot better and funner. My color scheme for these upcoming months is very ugly and I love it. I want to wear hot pink, traffic cone orange, kelly green and chocolate brown simultaneously and preferably when the white snow has hit the ground. The JW Anderson kelly green leather twist bag has been on my wish list since I saw it on mega-sale (but still way out of my price range) at Creatures of Comfort. As for shoes I would be happy in these inexpensive colorful ankle boots, but I am also looking to add a pair of calf or just under the knee high boots to my wardrobe. Currently my amazon prime shopping bag has a chocolate brown pair of dickies and every heinous color of oversized Hanes t-shirts possible (teal, lime green, brown, magenta, etc). I can't wait store up on my winter essentials and wear the ensembles that will come from combining amazon prime and JW Anderson.