What was it that first intrigued you to design jewelry?

I think I've always been drawn to sculpture as a medium. I studied art history, but without having actually attended art school, I don't necessarily feel equipped to create larger sculptures. I would never ever call myself an artist! I did spend a lot of time (whittling)/carving wood when I was a kid, and this and the process of creating small sculptures out of wax has always been really meditative for me. I'm not necessarily passionate about jewelry, per se, but more about bringing these little shapes into the world.  

Everything is silver, do  you see yourself working with other materials in the future? What's your reason behind using silver thus far? 

I really love silver so much! From a young age I've always only worn silver. I remember losing one of my favorite silver rings in the ocean when I was 10... I was so upset. People have asked me if I can make certain things in gold, and it would make sense to offer jewelry in bronze or brass, (because it would make them less expensive). I am definitely not opposed to working with gold, but with my limited budget it's harder for me to invest in the initial pieces that I would then photograph, etc, in order to try to sell. But I'm almost at the point where I think I want to offer gold and also start incorporating gemstones into my pieces! I've been experimenting with very simply black opals, which could be a good way to start.

As a designer do you want to stick with jewelry or do your sights go further?

It's funny that you mention this, because I'm actually looking into creating shapes made out of candy! I have a Master's Degree in Food Studies, so food has also been a passion. I want to collaborate with a person I know who is making 3-D printed candy to turn some of my shapes into candy! I think this might be a cool way for me to explore more shapes and also allow people who can't afford or are not interested in jewelry to be involved.

Where do your shapes come from?

My shapes usually start as a drawing. I get obsessed with drawing a certain shape over and over and try to figure out how to turn it into something 3-dimensional. A lot of times it doesn't work out! Sometimes I'll spend just a few too many minutes working on something and realize that what I've been working on for hours is suddenly ruined, (at least in my mind.) Having spent hundreds of hours now carving shapes, I do feel like I can figure out if it won't work sooner, which I guess helps. I'm always trying to find a balance between the scale of something and the shape. Sometimes I have to sacrifice elements of the shape so that it can still take up enough space. I pretty much have the most backwards, inefficient process, but it's the only way I've been able to do it so far!