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girlsSome Girlsgirls

What career events led to your position now?

I feel like my life has been one crazy happening leading to the next. I’ve been so lucky to meet the people I have and build connections on my own. I started working in graphic design when I was about 17 or 18. My first real cool gig happened when I was working as a model for Jeremy Scott and connected with the design team that was building his website. I ended up working as an intern for them and helped them build his first e-commerce store. I worked freelance all through out college and landed a full time job working with Rachel Zoe for The Zoe Report as soon as I graduated. I was so thrilled. I’ve always loved fashion but never saw myself being a fashion designer. I feel so lucky to have gotten so many opportunities like this in my life.

What are your interested in doing outside of work?

My boyfriend and I just recently moved into a new place together so I’ve been super into decorating and finding unique pieces for our home. I’ve always been super into furniture and chairs specifically. I took the best history of design class in college with a professor who was obsessed with chairs. We did a whole project on the evolution of chair design and ever since then I can’t walk into a room without spotting a unique chair and pointing it out. I’ve also developed a passion for cooking, which is really unlike me. I’ve never been the domestic type but once I started living on my own (and was forced to feed myself and not order takeout for every meal), I was able to turn food into another creative outlet.


You're a LA native, what is that like? We find in big cities it is a whole different experience when you are from the place vs. moved there out of college, high school, etc.

I always feel very lucky to have grown up in LA. I was never bored growing up as there was always something to do, somewhere to go, new things to explore. I love LA it is a great city and even after living here my whole life I am still discovering new things.


What inspires you in LA? What inspires you in general?

I love the diversity of LA, it’s so inspiring to me. You can drive 20 minutes and feel like you are in a totally different place. If I’m feeling over the commotion of the city, I can drive to Malibu or the desert for a retreat. Nothing is ever too far to get away. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a bit in my life (which is also a source of inspiration for me), but what I really love is that here in LA you can experience so many different cultures in one place, especially when it comes to food. LA has so much good food. Outside of that, I also find a lot of inspiration online. Google is literally maybe my biggest source of inspiration hah... I can spend hours going down a rabbit hole of searching.

What is it like breaking into the LA fashion industry at a young age, especially with the technology/social media aspect that your generation grew up with?

I’ve always been into fashion as well as social media and seeing the two of them become so intertwined has been interesting to watch. Social media has really transformed the fashion industry and is bringing it into the mainstream, making it more accessible to everyone. What once was such an insider industry is now broadcast across all social media platforms. The average person is becoming more aware of trends and style because they see it all over their Instagram feeds. We all watch Kim K’s snapchats from the front row at Balmain or see Gigi Hadid Instagraming backstage getting ready for a show… whether we love it or hate it, we’ve never had that kind of view into the fashion world before (unless of course you were working in it). Designers are using these platforms to make their shows larger than life. I think its all great although sometimes it is a bit much.

What do you love about social media, what do you hate? Do you find it important?

I have a love / hate relationship with social media. At one point I hated it so much that I deleted everything... Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, etc. for over a year. Now I only have Instagram, a Facebook account that I check once every 3 months, and Snapchat that I barely use. I like Instagram the most because you have the most creative freedom with it. I’ll post pictures from trips or in ridiculous situations and people will ask me what I’m doing, when 99% of the time I’m probably just sitting at my desk at work. It’s far from reality but I’m fine with that.

Where do you see yourself a few years from now?

I have a lot of ideas, my head is always in the clouds coming up with new things. I only share those things with those closest to me usually, but I know there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon.