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Tell us about both of your backgrounds and how you ended up forming this beautiful collection?

My background is in fashion PR but I've been collecting vintage for as long as I can remember. I grew up in Ireland idolizing Audrey, Katherine and Marilyn and studying the wardrobes in Hitchcock and Almodovar films. Vintage was my pathway to the clothes I dreamed of but couldn't find in Dublin. PR has given me such great insight and experience and I've worked with some amazing brands but starting my own vintage business has always been a dream.

Quy was formerly Collecting Editor at Martha Stewart before moving on to Architectural Digest and Elle Decor. He's now the Director of Style at Ralph Lauren Home and has always continued to collect antiques, rugs and textiles. He has an amazing eye and an encyclopedic knowledge of so many different styles, periods and crafts.

FORM came about really organically. We both love travel and found ourselves bringing back clothing, jewelry and objects from our adventures, usually to have friends ask if they could buy from us. We started to put our heads together to think about what our dream vintage and antiques brand would look like and slowly FORM was born as we started to collect more seriously and the word spread.

We really love the modern aesthetic of the store despite the merchandise being vintage. How did you develop this aesthetic?

From the outset, we wanted to shift perceptions and encourage people to re-think vintage and antiques. We wanted to create a shopping experience that brings with it a sense of discovery but also ease, in the same way you might find in a new store. We view vintage and antiques with a modern eye, less interested in age for the sake of age but rather exploring how past forms have shaped present ideas. People are often surprised to find what they consider 'modern' to have its origins centuries ago.

How did Form connect with the Wythe hotel?


We're good friends with the General Manager who knows our aesthetic well and has shopped from us in the past. She knew we were beginning to grow our business and thought the partnership could bring a really unique element to the Wythe so invited us to take temporary residency in the hotel's beautiful retail space. We've really enjoyed our time here - the team is amazing and we've connected with some really interesting people, both locals and travelers.

What's next for form vintage?

We'll be carried at Montauk concept store, RM09, through Labor Day weekend and will likely head out there later this summer for a weekend pop-up with more of our summery pieces. We're also getting married in August so it will be nice to take a breather for a little bit and enjoy the summer. We've lots in the pipeline for Fall so have to grab a moment to relax when we can!


What is the dynamic like owning a business with your fiancé?


It has it's difficult moments for sure but for the most part, we're a pretty good team. We each bring very different skills and experience to the business and are both extremely driven so we're always pushing each other. It's easier to take risks and make decisions when you know you have someone by your side.


Form Vintage will be at The Wythe Hotel through the end of June. Don't miss out on their endless collection of Saint Laurent, Chanel, Guy Laroach... ohh the list goes on.