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Christian has done it all, and has the resumé to back it up. Seriously.  Early on, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in fashion, but didn’t quite know what it was that she wanted to do.  While finishing art school, Christian was busy getting a taste of what the fashion industry had to offer with a job at Bloomingdales and an internship at an advertising agency.  Eventually, she moved to LA where her Academy of Art Institute roots really got a chance to shine.  There she began working as an assistant photo editor and graphic designer for WhoWhatWear.  A babe who does it all!  Christian also lent her refined eye for aesthetics to C Magazine, as a contributing photo researcher.  There she helped secure image content for the magazine’s 200 page issues!  While at WhoWhatWear she connected with stylist Rachel Zoe.  Five years later, after working at the stylist’s self-named company, Christian is the acting Art Director at The Zoe Report. She’s a true creative constantly inspired by the arts and is definitely not a gal you can or will forget!

What are your go to spots in LA and in San Francisco? 


Cafe 101 any time of day, Cafe Stella for brunch, Silverlake Ramen their broth has a pasta sauce consistency and it taste like butter, Burgerlords, Cecconi’s, Alfred/Alfred Tea or Verve Coffee, Bay Cities Deli and Melrose Place Farmers Market on Sundays for groceries. As for activities I go to museums a lot, The Broad has the best art collection, currently they have a Cindy Sherman exhibit that I am dying to see, LACMA, MOCA and GETTY, the Arboretum and Huntington library in Pasadena. When I feel like shopping I go to Squaresville, Fairfax Flea Market, Rosebowl Flea market (2nd Sunday of every month!), Amoeba Music, Melrose Place specifically The Line and Isabel Marant and when I have the courage Barney's.


San Francisco isn't the same a lot of the things I used to love are not around anymore. I always go to Held Over on Haight Street for vintage and I kind of just wander around and end up at Wasteland, Amoeba Music and Rasputin Music. I always eat at The Rotunda in Neiman Marcus it's a family tradition, pizza at Blondies (last I heard it closed for health reasons but was going to re open) I swear when we worked at Neiman Marcus Ashley and I literally lived off of Blondies pizza and french fries. I also love hanging out in Golden Gate park - brings back a lot of childhood memories, the De Young Museum is in Golden Gate Park so I always try to pop in, Japanese gardens, I also love the Legion of Honor it's a really beautiful space and SF MOMA can't wait to see it now that its been renovated! I pretty much just steer clear of downtown it's kind of the worst. 



What designer do you like best for vintage pieces? 

I love old Moschino accessories I recently stole a bunch from my mom she has some cool pieces. I hate to admit it but I rarely look at labels I kind of just buy whatever catches my eye. 

You have an amazing clothing collection, but when it comes down to it which do you prefer, your vintage pieces or your contemporary designer pieces?

For clothing my vintage pieces, I tend to be safe when it comes to the designer clothing I buy so my choices are a little boring. Shoes I prefer designer over vintage. 

What do you find special about the west coast, especially in terms of the fashion industry? How would you compare it to the east coast? 

LA’s fashion industry is first and foremost rooted in celebrity culture with a little bit of fashion mixed in. Companies like The Zoe Report and Who What Wear are great examples of businesses that leveraged their access to celebrities and used their fashion knowledge to create successful businesses that greatly contribute to the fashion industry in LA.

From what I can tell the East Coast is the opposite and very rooted in fashion brands and tradition fashion mediums. Fashion insiders and socialites seem to be the celebrities instead of true celebrities. 

Would you like to explore the fashion industry in NY? 

Yes of course! Its always been an end goal.


Where do you draw inspiration from? 

Everywhere but I’m mostly drawn to old movies, photography and musicians from the 60s, 70s and 90s. I also get a lot of ideas when I travel it helps to see how other parts of the world live on a daily basis what their reality is. I recently got back from Korea and Japan and it was eye opening. I'm obsessed and can't stop talking about how amazing both the countries are and so so clean! Also, Instagram’s explore page is a dark place but I found a lot of interesting inspo just creeping around.

Tell us about your typical day at The Zoe Report?

Before I get into the office I check my emails and my calendar so I can get a sense of how my day will unfold. Once I get in I'll check in with my graphic designer Sam and prioritize request. Then I'll grab a coffee down the street before I tackle my day of requests, meetings, edits, approvals, photo research and shoots (if one is happening that day). I am in constant communication with my department and all other departments to making sure all art assets are delivered and deadlines are met.



What is it like working in a semi-controlled creative environment? 

More creative than you would think! It’s just using your creativity in more funneled way with a very specific end goal. Since it is digital media you have the ability to try something new everyday and see if it sticks. The challenge of keeping art clickable, fresh and engaging really keeps my team and I on our toes.


Tell us about some of your other interest or creative outlets? Anything weird that would surprise us! 

I love to watch documentaries. On the flip side, this is embarrassing but I really love trashy TV, junk food, fast food and candy the trasher the better. My favorite show to watch is Vanderpump Rules everyone on the show is fucking crazy it’s kind of a problem. I’m also obsessed with astrology and anything related to the universe/planets, mercury in retrograde is real! 

Any advice for women pursuing a similar career path?

-Go for the career you want but have the skills to back it up. Keep your online portfolio and resume updated, be honest with yourself about what you can and can't do, then figure out how to do the things you can't and improve on the things you can do well. In my opinion there is always room for improvement just remember there is someone out there with more talent or just as talented with a similar goal and you have to push to come out on top.

-Keep up with new trends and technology even things outside of the career you want, it’s better to have the knowledge than not. 

-Don’t act entitled, never say "it's not my job" or "I can't do that" or “I’m not in charge of that” try to figure it out. The small things you learn will help you in the long run and will just be an additional skill you take with you to your next job. Alway present solutions rather than excuses. 

-Live close to where you work, trust me!