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Ginger locks and freckled faces make Melissa and Chelsy reminiscent of the 70s. With just one look through their collection of dreamy vintage and records, there is no denying that they effortlessly embody such an inspirational era of timeless music and fashion — one they should’ve definitely been a part of. We spent a night full of dress up, tunes (including a live guitar solo by Melissa), and beer to learn more about them and what they love. Here, these twin babes speak music, icons and movies with Some Girls. 

Let's start with what you do before we talk about what you love.

C: I am a filmmaker and photographer who loves analogue media. I shoot on various film formats. I suppose I am forever in search of contemporary nostalgia...A week ago I directed a music video which was shot on 16mm and earlier this summer I finished a short fashion film on Super8mm, I have a bunch more film projects in the works for this fall! When Melissa is not busy being my favorite photo subject, she is styling most of my shoots which is so fun. I love to collaborate with her, she inspires me.

M: I have my hand in both the business and creative sides of fashion-- I recently received an MBA in sustainability from Bard college. I currently work as a logistics coordinator for mega babe leather company, VEDA and I moon light as a wardrobe stylist whenever I have a free moment. Chelsy and I have some stuff in the works so stay tuned.

Who was born first?  

Melissa. She’s older by one minute. Let's just say I had one extra minute to gear the whole world up for Chelsy’s grand entrance.

Do people still ever confuse the two of you?  How do you guys think people differentiate you?

It’s an everyday occurrence. You name it, people have said or thought it. 

The current differentiator? 

Think Joey Ramone hair (Melissa)  v. 1970’s Cher hair (Chelsy)

If you could live in any era what would it be? 

 M: Early to Mid 70’s

 C: 2020’s

What is your favorite piece of clothing?   

C: For accessories, we always have on neckerchiefs. Forever gold hoop earrings and flared denim pants, basically me as a thirteen year old. 

M: I’m personally a sucker for a 70s two piece suit or a leather mini skirt.

on inspiration

Tragic Kingdom Blue…If I ever had my own nail polish that would be the name of it.


No Doubt’s 1995 “Tragic Kingdom” album, plus my equally important sparkly blue chain wallet from Hot Topic.

Style Icons (whether a person or an era or a movie)?

M: Brian Jones for suits, Poison Ivy Rorschach for sex appeal, Jonathan Richman for cool guy feels, 1976 Bob Dylan album, Desire, for added flare. OR if Muddy Water’s album Electric Mud was a full outfit...

C: Most Edward Hopper paintings (bold but not loud), life and look magazines from the 1950s-1960s, The Rolling Stones album “satanic majesties request”, Grey Gardens documentary. 


Melissa, what's your favorite record in your collection? 

 Oldie- Shuggie Otis, Freedom Flight

Modern- Thee Oh Sees, Floating Coffin

So much name jewelry!  Did you guys ever have name belts? 

No name belts although we have “name” everything else. When we were born, our grandfather gave us gold name necklaces. When we turned 13, we got name rings and 16 was name hoop earrings. Well then there’s 18… That was name jewelry boxes. (Shoutout to all those old school Brooklyn grandpas out there, we see you)

Celebrity Crushes?

M: Val Kilmer in Tombstone & Patricia Arquette in Lost Highway

C: Martin Sheen & Julianne Moore

on meeting Kurt Vonnegut

Melissa met him eating fried chicken while rolling a cigarette. It was 11 AM in the backyard of Kurt Vonnegut's Long Island home — he signed her copy of Slaughterhouse Five and said "Make sure to use your powers for good."

Chelsy, you studied documentary, what is your all time favorite documentary?

Anything by Errol Morris but Gates of Heaven was one of the first documentaries that I saw and thought, “That was so odd, let me try that!”

You gals are avid concert goers, what are your all time favorite shows? 

C: Acid Mothers Temple- anywhere and everywhere!  

M: The Garden- It’s surreal to see the twin dynamic on stage, the energy is magnetic, sincere, rare. We saw The Who in high school...Daltrey still had the move and grooves. #swoon. It was neat because it was our mom's first show when she was a teen in California.

If you guys could switch a day with anyone who would it be? 


C: MELISSA :) Besides each other, the Alessi Brothers in studio writing Seabird (1976, jam session).