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On a typical, sweaty summer day Some Girls head over to Brooklyn to visit The Break's office for a game of dress-up. With Purple fur, army sequin and fire print pants on the racks, we styled some cooky outfits inspired by eras of the past. This is Some Girls raiding The Break Vintage closet.

What is your selection process for picking pieces in the shop?

It’s a combination of instinct and insight. When I see something that I love on the runway, I think, I can recreate that, and the hunt begins. My goal is to show our customer that being on-trend and wearing second-hand are not mutually exclusive. TBV aims to provide vintage pieces that are representative of what you want to wear right now, without the designer price tag.

You have now been in dozens, probably hundreds of thrift shops. What was your first experience in a thrift shop? 

HEAVEN. Growing up in Wisconsin, there was a distinct difference between what I wanted to wear and what was for sale at the department store. I would go to Value Village every weekend and leave with trash bags full of clothes. I was LIVING. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to the people who knew me back then that I’m now doing what I’m doing.

What is the Break Vintage?

Simply, we style, sell and consult. TBV is where you go to find exactly what you want, or didn’t know you need, for an affordable price. It’s a community of confidently unique women and men that take risks, appreciate transparency, and live with a sense of humor. The Break is Effortless. Relevant. Broken-in.

Who are your favorite fashion icons?  

To me, it's women who are fearless, in life and in fashion, that are the most iconic. Women who use fashion as an opportunity to make statements and take risks. When their wardrobe enhances their personality, but does not define their essence. That's what I love about fashion: it’s a vehicle for confidence and personal expression. It’s an honor to know and work with so many women (and men!) that wield this tool with ingenuity and sincerity.

What's your favorite find up to date?

The first thing piece that comes to mind is the softest vintage tee I found in a barn/cheese store off the side of the highway in Wisconsin.  

Your instagram photos are amazing! Who are these models? 

Thank you! The girls that represent TBV are the absolute best. A breakbabe has a certain ease about her; confident, of course, but also incredibly friendly and funny, all of which I find very sexy. They are usually friends, friends of friends, or connections from instagram. I’ve also started yelling “BREAKBABE!” on the street. I need to make cards to hand out that say WE LOVE YOU AND YOU’LL PROB LOVE US SO PLEASE COME OVER FOR DRINKS AND DRESS UP!

Do you style the looks yourself?

Yes, but I always like shoots to be collaborative. I want to see what pieces the model naturally gravitates towards, based on her personal style, and dress her accordingly. I try to provide variety, and I like to think our work is high quality, but also relatable.


What is your ideal shoot?

Film, early Britney karaoke, rosé and an after party.

The Break Vintage had us repeating "I want, I need, how much?"